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Free European Media 2018 BOOK

In the book you will find 12 chapters from various parts of Europe telling the story how media freedom is challenged, and why it is more important than ever that our state leaders, politicians in the front line unconditionally support freedom of the media as a prerequisite for free speech.

This book should remind us that we cannot take our fundamental rights for granted and that we constantly have to protect press freedom, find mechanisms for the safety of journalists and be in dialogue with governments and parliaments to develop mutual understandings for our human rights.

The conference at the European Solidarity Center in Gdansk was hopefully the beginning of a process for improving our freedom and our democracies. Besides the 12 country-chapters you will find a preface and the recommendations from the Gdansk conference.

Free European Media book 2018 is published by Free European Media, European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and Nordic Journalism Centre (NJC).

Editor: Mogens Blicher Bjerregård
Cover: Morten Mordi Andersen
Coordination: Radek Krajewicz & Jens Mørch
Printed by: Certus Druk, Chojnice, Poland

Thanks to Helsingin Sanomat Foundation for financial support of this book.


Page 3: Words matters

Page 7:  Preface
Free European Media Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, President EFJ

Page 13: Malta
Ethical standards and self-sensorship? Matthew Caruana Galizia, activist and journalist

Page 19: Poland
Polish media Wars Mikolaj Chrzan, editor-in-chief in Gdansk, Gazeta Wyborcza Paulina Siegien, journalist Gazeta Wyborcza

Page 27: Turkey
From corrupt bullies to Kings fools Evin Baris Altintas, journalist, Mehmet Koksal, project officer, EFJ

Page 35: United Kingdom
British Journalism threatened by State Surveillance Tim Dawson, president of National Union of Journalists   UK & Ireland

Page 43: Serbia
Who Rings the Bell? Maja Vasic-Nikolic, Project Team Coordinator Independent Journalists Association Serbia

Page 51: Russia
Free Media in danger – Self-Censorship and Lack  of Solidarity Nadezda Azhgikhina, journalist

Page 59: Denmark
40 registered logs of my phone Freja Wedenborg, journalist, European Parliament

Page 67: Greece
Muzzling the press Antonis Repanas, journalist

Page 75: Czech Republic
Prime minister accused of grant fraud Lucie Sykorova, journalist

Page 83: Azerbaijan
Bullet for Critics, Free Housing for Propagandists Gulnara Akhundova, Head of Department for Global Response, International Media Support (IMS)

Page 89: Spain
Putting the chili in media freedom Silvia Chocarro, journalist and advisor, IFEX

Page 97: Germany
A solution for online hate speech Christian Honey, journalist

Page 105:  Free European Media 2018
Recommendations from Gdansk Free European Media 2018 conference, Poland

Internationalt samarbejde

The Free European Media Conference 2018 was organized by European Federation of Journalists, Council of Europe, Nordic Journalism Centre, European Centre for Press and Media Freedom and the International Press Institute.




Free European Media Team 2018

Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, President 
Lucie Sýkorová 
Jens Mørch

Free European Media Office
Slagelsegade 14 K
DK-2100 København Ø.


Press and Media

Representatives from the press, who want to take part in the event covering it, can take part for free. For accreditation we need following info from you:

Name, Media, Mail, Phone, Job (journalist, photographer or?), Media address, Media webpage, Country. Send a mail to

Press coordinator during the conference: Lukasz Tamkun, Anna Werenberg and Jens Mørch.